Events Programme

The events planned for Nacht der Forschung Heidelberg | Mannheim 2019 offer a unique glimpse into the research being carried out in and around Heidelberg and Mannheim. Visitors will be given the opportunity to speak to researchers in person and to learn more about their work.

The programme comprises events across biosciences, physics, astronomy, business studies, medical research, sustainability and environmental protection, geosciences, engineering, transcultural studies, informatics, social sciences, history of culture and technology as well as arts.

Art exhibitions, performances, panel discussions, movies, concerts and many other great events encourage you to experiment, discover and be amazed. Nacht der Forschung aims to improve people’s understanding of science and research. Curiosity and the urge to explore aren’t exclusive to research organisations; they are a part of each and every one of us. Set out on a thrilling expedition and discover your curiosity!

In addition to insights into their individual subject areas, participating organisations offer a variety of formats, ranging from concerts to scientific experiments. If you are interested in a specific area of research, your programme can be tailored to match your interest.

You’re welcome to create your own, personal agenda from the overall event programme which can be filtered according to theme, time of day and venue.

The main language of the event is German, however, numerous activities are offered in English.

Note: Some events are subject to registration.

View the full events programme here!